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" Louis is an absolute delight--beautiful, playful, smart and affectionate. We are so happy to have him in our family."

"Ruby is smart, affectionate, adaptable, and a ball of boundless energy. She loves to play with toys, explore her new environment, go for long walks, and spend time with our granddaughters. Ruby is a joy!"

"Rowan has an angel face with a devilish playfulness. She loves tormenting her best bud Onyx but when she gets tired she drops like a wet noodle. She is also a little Houdini who escapes from her xpen or closed room. She's a great pup that loves to cuddle with you."

    "Flynn has been the sweetest and most lovable baby, we love him more each day! He is such a friendly and happy puppy, his tail rarely stops wagging.

    He wants to make friends every where he goes, offering kisses to everyone he comes in contact with! He also has learned sit in command, knows his name and scratches the door to go outside.

    We are so grateful to you for such an awesome poodle dog. Thank you for everything."




Dedicated to protect and preserve the poodle breed in a constant search for the poodles that best represent the standard in

personality, health and conformation

Rock Island, TN, 38581

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