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     ~Natural Rearing ~

Natural Rearing is a concept where the breeder helps to raise their breeding dog/puppies as naturally as possible, by fallowing the simple guidelines of nature.

Natural rearing includes:

Feeding a species appropriate diet- this includes raw meat, organs and bones.Emulating prey animals consumed in the wild.( more about it click here)

Limiting exposure to noxious chemicals- this includes using alternative flea and tick medications as well as cleaners that are not chemically based( see Maintaining a Healthy Immune System )

Limiting vaccinations- this includes understanding the pros and  cons of vaccinating (more here)

Letting the mothers raise their puppies- we do not take their puppies away early( unless for cause i.e the health and safety of the mother or puppies). They are weaned when the mother weans them and although they have their own room , they are not confined to cages or lack of fresh air and natural sunlight.( more about it see Puppy Culture Program, ENS)

Access to clean air, clean leaving conditions, clean water, clean food and room

Regular exercise

Stress free environment

Limited exposure to EMF rays


Natural rearing does not mean we do not:

~ Use conventional medicine when necessary

~ Follow the laws in the case of vaccinations.

~ Clean our rooms or the spaces that our poodles occupy.

~ Treat our poodles and puppies if they have fleas, ticks, parasites etc.

~ Consult a veterinarian.

As a conscientious breeder I state that :

- I have been feeding my poodles and puppies exclusively a raw meat, bone and organ diet for a minimum of 7 years.

-I am committed to feeding/ rearing my poodles on raw meat and bone diet and do not feed processed kibble or canned food as a supplement or treats.

-I do not vaccinate except where required by state law.

-I do not use chemical products in or around my poodles such as commercial wormers, flea prevention, floor cleaners,lawn pesticides etc.

- I breed my poodles with care and attention and improvement.

-I test my breeding program in an objective venue such as conformation showing,handler assessment, tests and/or trials, etc.

-I rear the puppies in a human home where they will get a maximum of human contact and socialization.

-I provide health and temperament information on my breed in general as well as on my specific poodle or puppies to all prospective puppy buyers.

-I believe in a common sense approach to creating and maintaining vibrant health for companion animals and an unconventional, integrative approach to addressing disease and re-establishing well being in ill pets.


Holistic Health Care means treating the whole body - not just from head to toe, but inside and out. It also means treating from the full spectrum of medical assistance available. Education is a key factor.

Less Common Modalities yet so helpful ways to help restore health in a sick animal:

- Ozone Therapy -Biophotonic Blood Therapy

- Bemer and other PEMF therapies

- Magnetic Therapy- Pulsating Magnetic Therapy

- Prolozone Therapy

- Craniosacral Therapy



-IAT ( Immuno -Augmentative Therapy)

-Electromagnetic Therapy

-Color Therapy

-Stem Cell Therapy

-Platelet Rich Plasma

-Veterinary Medical Manipulation

-Microbiome Restorative Therapy

-Intravenous Vit-C