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1.If or when your vet informed you your pet was due for annual vaccinations did you comply with the recommendations?
2. If you own a purebreed pet did you do research into what predispositions your breed has and do any testing to determine if your pet is carrying thouse genes?
3. Was your pet on one or more courses of antibiotics their first year of life?
4. Has your pet been prescribed steroids(prednisone,dexamethasone,etc?)
5. Do you offer a means of liver detoxification to your pet (milk thisle,clay,etc.)?
6.Do you only use organic household cleaning supplies?
7.Do you purify your pet's drinking water?
8.Do you smoke around your pets?
9. Do you use room fresheners, plug ins or deodorizers (like Febreze,carpet cliners)
10. Does your pet live in a home with water damage or have you identified mold in your house?
11. Do you spray for bugs/insects/pests inside your home?
12. Do you spray for pests ouside, around the home?
13. Do you treat your lawn with fertilizers and herbicides?
14. How many different protein sources does your pet eat (beef, chicken,turkey,etc.)?
15. What percentage of your pet's food is unprocessed( not canned or kibble)?
16. Do you know you are meeting your pets trace minimum nutrient requirments( has your food been analyzed to meet minimum requirements for selenium, zinc and vitamin D, specifically)?
17. Do you intentionally seek out organic, free range and non-GMO food for your pet?
18. Does your pet get at least 30 minutes of cardio/exercise a day ?
19. Do you engage in play time daily?
20. How peaceful and happy would you rate your pet's living enviroment?
28. Do you apply monthly pesticide to your pet( oral or topical, including Bravecto, Frontline, Advantage, Seresto,Advantix,Advantus,Pet Armour,Sentry,FiproGuard,Hartz Ultraguard,BioSpot,Ovritrol,Capstar,etc.)?
21. Does your pet have clear signs of consistent anxiety and stress( destructive behaviors,pacing,whining,crying,restlessness,etc.)?
26. Do you provide a variety of eggs and non farmedfish/mussles/oysters to your pet other than food ?
25. Do you do something to mitigate EMFs (electromagnetic fields) in your house(turn off router at night, etc.)?
22. Has your pet undergone a significant physical or emotional crisis or event that you are aware of?
29. Do you give your pet monthly hearworm medications( Interceptor,Hearguard,Sentinel,Tryfexis, etc.)?.
24. Do you use suppliments or specific glandular therapy to address possible ''weak links'' or dietary deficiencies in your pet's body?
30. Do you spay/neuter your pet after a year old ?
27. Does your pet's raw food consists of 80/10/10 ratio ?
23. Has your pet maintained their body weight their whole lives?

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