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Vivi and Norbi's puppys :

   "Very happy with our girl, Patmore. Her growth and development are right on target.  She weighs 10..4 lbs now and looks just like Vivi. Some of her baby teeth are loosening with the  permanents emerging.. Her heart is strong and disposition cheerful. Energy level is high. Often she plays with two toys at same time.  Loves  her meals.  I'm guessing she'll be a heavier poodle than our last boy. Her front paws are quite wide. Good thing  we don't need to shop for shoes. She has quiet, lovey times when she curls up crosswise on my chest and zonks out by the fire.  My husband lengthened the legs of her gym and there is a bassinett mattress that fits perfectly under it should she decide to lounge.  I'm very happy that she'll nap in the crate. Door is open, Water bottle available, but with the door shut she can be left 3 hours without incident.  Car trips are fine in her carrier. She walks in voluntarly. She performed her version of eye surgery on a stuffed animal. Will be removing eyes and stitching. up with carpet thread. Her playspace is enlarged but she doesn't have freedom to roam. Keeps dry every night but will sometimes piddle when excited in her day space. I sense she has bonded greatly because  she is teaching us her cues and we are reading each other more easily. Girl loves shaking hands and high fives, also teases and does fast escapes from her play yard gate in the laundry... typical poodle .Hope all of you are good and glad the last snow melted.  That was messy.   Just put away Christms stuff and we are watching Eagles football. Hi to the gang.😂Gloria"

"Today  she began giving a paw and viewing herself in a hanging mirror.  I  got her revved up with a squeaky voice and she got her groove on. Like a baby, she liked having blanket thrown over her head for peekaboo. We put bed in her crate with door open. She goes in taking her stuffed dogs in there.  Haven't shut door yet but will work for that. Last dog was my guardian angel but would cry when left. Went to funerals, weddings, reunions. Patmore is more independent so far by temperament. She is a quick learner as all poodles are.  She has the intelligence of a four year old child at this stage . The gym activity is great because she amuses herself. Going under the gym and sleeping under it could be why she doesn't mind going in the bed inside the crate. Not sure.! Her day pen is where we are in view and we go out to the garage past her pen many times a day. If she cries, we ignore her completely. She rarely cries. We don't enter her pen at all if she jumps up. Food gets down when she sits.  She doesn't get back in the house from outdoors till calm and sitting.    Sure she'll mess up along the way. People do and poodles are the closest beings to humans. Know that from having had hound dogs! "

" Timea, Slav and I can not tell you how grateful we are that we met you and that Syrus is now a part of our family. Syrus is smart, confident , curious and outgoing. He loves spending time with his family. Syrus and Odin are best buds who enjoy exploring, rough housing, and taking long naps together." 

                                  Love Tracy

 "Pepper is a fun, energetic girl who loves meeting new people. She is a great addition to our family, and we look forward to seeing her and the kids grow up together."

                                Emily and Jon 

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